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A New Beginning…

Hello All!

My name is Joseph Johnson, and I’m a student at Cal State Bakersfield (for better or worse). I am writing today to introduce a new movement called The American Dream Movement that I am starting up and hoping to move at full force for the betterment of all peoples, especially in America, as this is the nation in which I identify myself with. This movement is being started to give new definitions to commonly used words and phrases, like Patriotism, Credibility, Fairness, Respect and of course the American Dream.

Open to Those Who are Open Minded

This is a movement of inclusion. Open to those who are open minded, we simply ask that while in America, that a mutual form of respect is given towards one’s own beliefs, as well as the beliefs of others, including cases where contradictions with one’s own value system and anothers might arise.

The American Dream Defined

We define, the American Dream as: being able to live in a country where individuals and families alike are given the freedom of exploring their beliefs, and holding them respectfully with pride. Not for the sake of hurting other’s, but for fulfilling one’s own inner needs. They also can live comfortable, it is acknowledged that economically speaking the more people that you have with more amounts of wealth in any given society is detrimental to the masses and unrealistic to pursue in everyone, which can lead to theft, increase in depression and low self esteem and an inability to receive satisfaction amongst other things. The American Dream is being able to define what success and happiness means to you.

American Patriotism

American Patriotism is defined as: belief in ensuring that everyone has the freedom to pursue their own futures, as Americans, however they choose. Whether they be rich, poor, black, white, disabled or extremely athletic. It is equally respectable to be a basketball player, teacher, businessman, politician or musician.

Though success and happiness is determined by the individual, civility is mutual agreed upon. Civility including: deep listening skills, knowledge of ones own culture and the culture of others. Furthermore, though we fully offer the freedom of any particular group to remain within their own particular communities, based on common sense and the Declaration of Independence, we believe that a more “civil” American is one who has a passion, interest and empathy for other groups outside of ones own, or what one is used to. Though one can be educated by our schools most formal and agreed upon institutions, we understand that in the 21st Century that there are many ways learn how to live a successful and happy life and we encourage the exploration of new ways to explore them. We do not believe that it is “uncivil” for an individual to explore success in ways outside of money, power and fame. Every American individual is free to explore success in ways within money, power and fame; and still equally the stay-at-home mom, as well as the missionary or musician or not only considered equally successful, but equally as important. At the same time, conversely, greedy self-interested pursuits at the expense of others, irrespective of one’s ethnic background, economic status, gender or otherwise is considered “uncivil” in an American society and not applauded publicly or privately.


Where as, the two main political parties don’t seem to represent a large group of the American Population, (in other words, large populations of our country don’t have any representation within the main battlefields of debate in our country, even in many contexts when the topic is directly involving them)

Where as, that often results in large groups being disproportionately not seen, nor respected and understood.

Where as, we don’t believe that the American political system was established for any particular size, or group to be represented more or over another.

Where as, we believe the perpetuation of pursuing self interest goals despite the impact or opinions of another group, leads to distorted perceptions and prejudices occurring as a result.

Where as, we feel that both the political party system and the electoral college are greatly obsolete in our modern day political environment, if not detrimental to the health of our democratic country debate. With the two party system favoring groups that have to embody an ever growing population and electoral college vote trying away issue prioritization in political debates, instead topics involving around more “swing-states” rather than all that’s as it should.

Therefore, we are establishing a 5 Point Platform

5 Point Platform

1. Healthy Beliefs: An equal or balanced respect of oneself and others
2. Healthy Education: Knowledge of one’s ethnic history, knowledge of how to best survive in dominant groups system of trade and education and dominant groups’ histories
3. Healthy Body: Exercise, Nutrition Healthy medication/counseling for ails
4. Love: Unconditional love, brotherly love, romantic love
5. Healthy Social Relationships: Human Needs Fulfilled in Oneself and Pursued in Others




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