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My response to Micheal Moore’s response given to Barack Obama

Good Afternoon Mr. Moore,
    I hope this message reaches you in good health. In truth – I hope this message reaches you at all.  My name is Joseph Johnson and I am currently a senior at California State University, Bakersfield. Born and raised in a very poor, African American, single mother house hold in the Bay Area, I left to CSUB 2 years ago to try and get a better education and hopefully help out my community largely. And I have been waiting ever since to jump on board and be a civil rights participant in the 21st Century that way that all of you  guys were in the 60’s. But if we are to engage in a new movement, then we need to efffectlively poll the sentiments of our citizens today and evolve the civil rights (and other) struggles accordingly.

I know that you didn’t probably want anyone responding to your Open Letter to President Obama, but  I felt compelled because of the candor and bravery it showed. This inspired me to take a risk as well (call it an audacity of hope) and humbly share some ideas with you as well . So with that being said, I’m not a solicitor, or trying to sell you anything, I just very passionately ask that you consider a proposition that I thought might be a powerful message to send to this country’s elite: I am thinking of calling it “American First, Political Party 2nd“.

About my proposal: 

     I propose, that, as a modern day never before seen demonstration, that we organize a peaceful protest (would President Obama consider any other kind?) against the corrupt two party system that we have today, which largely doesn’t reflect nearly enough of our nation’s actual views as they should if we are to operate in two party systems. This allows for individuals to work not across “party lines”, but outside of their own box and think of original ideas that our nation largely needs. We should battle it out with the establishment, as President Obama has been trying to do for so long long now. I strongly believe that if we temporarily destablish our marty-like allegiance (see person that killed themselves after Obama lost) to our of political parties, under the same radicalism of the 99% movement but the unity of the Tea Party movement, then we can through off the powers that be’s equilibrium long enough to open the door for new kinds of Americans! We can hold it all under the idea of a new kind of American Patriotism. Understand that the notion of American Patriotism being code for “Democratic Party agenda” only opens the door for all the people, especially Republicans, who are currently in limbo to run back to their parties establishment so that they can think for them. In a true American democracy we all have the right to define what success and happiness means to us without an umbrella organization puppeteering us. I think the large majority of Americans, if this idea is pitched effectively enough, will jump on board and you will see a cultural revolution of people from all walks of life in America! How it should be.
This a peaceful protest of our nation’s citizens abstaining from backing any political party before backing their own believes would occur between January 1st, 2013 and January 1st 2014.
 I feel, if I was to respond to your letter to him this morning partially saying to not work with the Republicans, and respond from what I see his perspective to be, it’s that Republicans are not the issue. Indeed many of my friends at Cal State Bakersfield (seen as the Oklahoma of California) have recently said completely on their own account that they either renounce their own party or renounce the establishment that they are starting to agree in large numbers are feeding them lies. (Indeed, look at the way the Republicans on Bill Maher last night rejected key notions about the Republican Party right in front of you man! Not in ideal ways, but in ways which shows there is something stirring up in the party)
This war ultimately is not against the rich and the poor (unless we want to isolate the few rich people who are greedy and force them to stay with the establishment). It is a war against the dishonest, corrupt and un-compassionate. Indeed power corrupts and rich have power and so on. But it is a fallacy as well to propose that dishonesty and corruption exists more naturally in Republicans more than Democrats, just as it is fallacious to say dishonesty and corruption exists in one race more than another or any man made label. And mark my words, if we did have a Democratic Party surge then maybe in 100 to 150 years or so we will see the Democrats reach new peaks of corruption and the battle will continue – only reversed.
There is a lot that I want to say, about how watching you and Sean Hannity on a youtube video having a peaceful and critical debate has greatly inspired me, movies like Super Size me, I feel, leading companies like Hostess to file bankruptcy and Mc Donalds to finally lose some profit for the first time since 2003! (amen) But we want to make a more democratic system, not more of a democratic party. I understand in the former decades there were way too many fallacies that the Republican party held and a lot in the name of racism and through propaganda, but we have a rare opportunity in our nations history to restructure the idea of the American Political System in general! Furthermore people are dying (literally) to have some starting point of a new social movement, but often the citizens are overworked to a point of being unable to do Million Men marches like we used to.
   Therefore with us stating the no-spin idea of American Patriotism, it is a subtle and effective way of sticking it to The Man and fostering up sentiments of camaraderie which our country greatly needs, and honestly might be the only true hope for our childrens future. In case you didn’t notice, most effective movements our grassroots, not from a position in the Executive Branch with bureaucracy seeming to be a form of filibusterer in itself.
 If you’d like to get more information about me, and what my larger ideas are for a more democratic society, then please check out my blog page: The American Dream Movement. Which I started a few months ago, after having to take a quarter off to process all of the confusion and lies our country has grown accustom to. And if you question my vigor, I have published over 100 blog postings in the past two months alone looking (and learning) about everything from: the history of marijuana, American history, colonialism, healthy eating, international music (including rap music that so many white Americans seem to despise for some odd reason).
I want to work with someone who is trying to start something, like you seem to be, and so please consider this letter seriously and respond back as soon as you can
The American’s Collective Unconscious
Peace and Love,
Joseph Johnson

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