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Picture of the Day: Hot Boys (1999)


Song of the Day: Lil Wayne – Hustla Musik (Down South Rap)

Lil Wayne at 17 Been listenin to little Wayne since Block is Hot and even 400 degrees, that’s over 13 years now. Young heads don’t know about it. “Baby you gotta know that I’m just out here doin what I gotta do for me and you, and we eatin. So b**** why you trippin? My […]

Pro Bowl Highlights (From Hawaii) (Click pick for video)

Ethiopia vs Nigeria (0-2)

Again I was unable to watch the full game, as I’m trying to figure out which website/channel to watch it on and calculate the time differences, but the highlights (below) were still very interested. Nigeria had a victorious game; with Victor Moses, their left-winger, who through penalty shots was able to make to score 2 to nothing against Ethiopia. […]

Ghana vs Niger Highlights (3-0)

I learned that this match of Ghana vs Niger soccer was part of a tournament called “Africa Cup of Nations”. Ghana did an awesome job of winning 3 to nothing. So the reports say that they will be advancing now to the next level of the Cup. Good luck to Ghana! Highlights from the game: […]

Picture of the Day

Song of the Day: Donald Lawrence – I am Healed (Gospel)

Be encouraged!