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Marco Rubio gives GOP response to SOTU

My 2 cents… 

I’ve tried to be open to both “parties” since I first started learning about politics my freshman year in community college.  And though I consider myself much more of an independent then a democrat, I can say with almost complete confidence, that I don’t think I could ever be part of the Republican Party.

Not to generalize Republicans at all, seeing how most if not all of my friends in Bakersfield are Republicans and they’re awesome and I love them greatly. But Obama has for 5 years consistently been trying to find common grounds with the Republican politicians and they respond so divisively everytime time,  it sounds like an absurd WWF match.

Fuck the politicians, I hope that we as citizens in this nation can continue to come together  and strengthen our bonds and love as a nation-community. I truly do.


Click link for response by Marco Rubio


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