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Positive advancements made in breast cancer research!

FDA approves new targeted breast cancer drug


This is a new article that came out today talking about the financial and medical implications of a new drug called Kadcyla,  which is said to be better at finding cancer cells and destroying them, rather than just destroying all the cells in the area.

My great aunty died from from breast cancer many years ago, so they idea of finding a better treatment for the disease really speaks to my heart.


Excerpts from article:

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a first-of-a-kind breast cancer medication that targets tumor cells while sparing healthy ones.
  • Cancer researchers say the drug may offer a clear advantage over older drugs because it delivers more medication with fewer side effects.
  • Genentech said Friday that Kadcyla will cost $9,800 per month, compared to $4,500 per month for regular Herceptin. The company estimates a full course of Kadcyla, about nine months of medicine, will cost $94,000.


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