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Anti-American extremist groups reach record levels, say experts

As my movement has stated since its conception since October 2012, having a Healthy Education of what’s going on in this country is one of the five pinnacles of embracing this idea of  the New American Dream movement. On piece of healthy education is having a knowledge of one’s own history and knowledge of history of the dominant group of a society. In the case of our society, white Americans are this dominant group making up 72.4% of our total ethnic population.

On the Rise

Unfortunately a pool of this group, primarily on the “right” wing of political ideologies has increasingly taken what I seen blatantly as an Anti-American and an extremely callous view of  the poor American citizen in this country especially in recent time. A new study state’s has risen by over 800% since President Barack Obama was elected into office. I, in no way, believe that it’s a coincidence that he also is the first black president. Shake my fuckin head to all of those assholes out there…


Other highlights of the report include:

— The state with the most neo-Nazi groups: California, with 9.

— The state with the most Ku Klux Klan groups: Texas, with 26.


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