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Good sports to help tone your body

Look good, feel good!

Exercise is always easier when you select an activity or sport that’s suited to your body type and personality.

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Health benefits: Great cardio, aerobic, builds strength and endurance for the entire lower body and balance.

Body and personality type: Good for all body types, but people who are bottom heavy will especially benefit. It’s also a great exercise for those who love the outdoors.



Health benefits: For full-court hoops, great aerobic conditioning and endurance; for half-court, less aerobic. Great for hand-eye coordination, agility, balance, jumping, running forward and backward.

Body and personality type: Good for all body types but appeals to more aggressive folks who aren’t afraid of body contact or confrontation.


Health benefits: Both aerobic and anaerobic (toning), depending on whether you play vigorous singles or more leisurely doubles. Great for hand-eye coordination and bone health, as your feet strike the ground.

Body type and personality: People with hourglass figures — equal top and bottom — excel because they have both upper- and lower-body strength.


Health benefits: Aerobic, cardio, easy on the joints, full-body exercise, good for both fit and unfit individuals.

Body and personality type: Great for all body types and all ages, and well-suited for individuals with strong personalities who don’t like group activities and prefer privacy.

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