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Bill Maher: March 8 – Excellent, Excellent Show!

BM 03 08

Guests: Avik Roy, a Forbes editor; Micheal Steele, MSNBC Correspondent and Arianna Huffington, founder of: “The Huffington Post”

Guests also include: Charlie LeDuff, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, author of: “Detroit: An American Autopsy”detroit_an_american_autopsy

and David Cross, actor, ComedianDavid_Cross


Around 9:49: Charlie LeDuff: “We gotta get our shit together.”

11:55: Charlie LeDuff: “This generation, the music stopped and we found out the chair was gone.”

12:50: Charlie LeDuff: “Religion (in a society) whether you believe it or not, gives us structure. And we don’t have any structure. We gotta get some back.”

16:30: Micheal Steele:  “No one’s making the necessary investments into (poor communities).”

Around 34:00

Bill Maher: “Are American’s Assholes?”

David Cross: “Well, I think we are somewhatly culturally bankrupt. We live in a culture where people enjoy – there’s an extreme lack of empathy that we have, and I’ve watched it accrue with people who enjoy watching videos on Youtube of people being hurt and killed and maimed, and it’s true -”


Bill Maher: “Since when does everything in America have to be political? It’s exhausting. Eating a corn dog used to be just a guilty pleasure; now it’s a blow for freedom against the radical Obama nutrition agenda. ‘I will exercise my God given right to pump our children with salt and corn syrup until we can’t even tell which part to put the sneakers on! Not everything has to be seen through the lens of politics’ “.

Click link for full video


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