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Our 2 Greatest Black Leaders of the Year

As with all leaders within the given time period, I can not say that either of these individuals will necessarily be remembered, but in regards to intelligence and ability to speak their voice on a very mainstream level combined with a  resilient desire to defend and address black issues in America in a direct way even against the machine called: “the right” or “Fox News” in ways in which many politicians and media figures seem to rather not speak to head on; similar to the time when Jim Crow laws didn’t allow for blacks to look white people directly in the eye while speaking I see them easily as one of the  greatest leaders in our time on articulating black issues (specifically) on a main stream level.


The ability to verbally navigate through our hyper-politically correct society without their comments being reduced to controversial memes or a watered-down version of what black people are actually saying in our communities. Day in and day out, I see them in speeches and short tv segments, both primarily on MSNBC, maintaing a steel-like confidence and an insatiable passion which is an amazing source of inspiration in a time where it can not be found much else well.


Marc Lamont Hill




Melissa Harris-Perry


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