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The “Bitch” Effect. Yes Really.

Recently when browsing online looking for some positive sites for black men I stumbled upon a some very disturbing information, not only was there not positive websites for black men to get the news about what’s goin down in their neck of the woods, but the websites for black people in general were incredibly harsh – naw fucked up towards black men, while praising black women regardless off the topic.


I went off the edge when I stumbled upon this article entitled: “So Single Black Men Want Commitment. Really?”

Already my blood was risin. Apparently a study was done about how black men and black women viewed relationships and the result, said that 43% of black men were looking for a long-term relationship where as only 25% of black women were.

Now what followed in the rest of this blog? A praise for the fact that so many black men desired to live in long harmonious relationships? I critique of her own group and questioning of why only a quarter of black women said they were interested?


No..no..no… this pompous aloof woman continued for the rest of the blog very stupidly trying to explain why black men actually were lousy and unfaithful and how the survey must’ve been flawed.


She starts by saying: “A lot of people wondered just what was going on, because the prevailing story is that black women cannot find black men who are interested in a relationship.” Of course that was just her shallow and cowardly way of saying that her and her black female friends were surprised by this, probably because there own noses are so far up eachothers asses to the extent where they are unable to take the time out to truly have a non-egocentric or belittling conversation with a black man.


Then she continues to very stupidly give what she calls “some additional ideas ” about why the poll resulted as it did, in the most unscientific way possible.


I will skip past the Financial Stability Theory and The “Bradley Effect” Theory (on which inspired my title, thank you Gene Dempy 😉  )


and instead move to “The What-Do-You-Mean-By-Long-Term-Relationship (Bullshit) Theory.”


First off, it’s not a theory, it’s something that she merely pulled out of her ass (possibly while her nose was up there). Her less than half developed thought proposed that more than likely the reason why so many black men said that they were interested in long-term relationships was because they didn’t use the word marriage, which if that word were to be replaced there would be a staggering difference in results. As another black women who’s a hater of black men elaborated very ignorantly: “Sure, I have no doubt that there [is many a man] who thinks life would be easier if the rent could be split, if sex was easy and plentiful, if sandwiches were made and always abundant while still having that escape clause because nobody has any papers on each other.”


In other words, the men of course could possibly be interested in a long-term relationship if he envisions himself laying on the couch all day while his girlfriend is cooking and cleaning where at the end of the day he can just go sneak and and drink with his buddies. Once again, not only a completely unscientific analyses, but unbelievably hateful towards men of her own gender. She should be extremely embarrassed not only with how she clumsily presents her opinions on the subject, but also how comfortable she is pinning down a stereotype of black men even when a study contradicts it. This paper would be fantastic for an Introduction to Logic class to use for practicing pointing out all the basic fallacies, generalizations and faux argmument that a person can make. And then it’d probably be best to shred the paper, in fear that it’s thought processes could be infectious.

And the last last option she proposed for the poll results was that, it may actually be true, according to the “Occam’s Razor” theory which states that the simplest explanation is probably the best. And even in this example she so pridefully refuses to point out not one fuckin strong point in black men, nor one possible weak point in black women, all the while, the never ending subtle nudge throughout the blog hinted ‘but you know this shit can’t really be true right?’ Yes, it can.


We have a lasting tradition in our black public sphere where women feel that they can make movie, song, comment, blog completely denigrating their black counterpart males, even often more than other races do towards us and of course not towards their own races’ men. Well, this blog that was posted clearly shows why that shit is way based needed to be expired and tossed in the trash.


Ms. Gene (and it is Ms. I’m guessin right?)


This video sums up my thoughts on you. 🙂

Peace and Love….


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One comment on “The “Bitch” Effect. Yes Really.

  1. Women are just scared! She should have been more equal among the genders in explaining where “relationships” go wrong among black people. I am not black, so I can’t speak much about the subject BUT there is always two sides to a story.

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