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All the Good People

Select excerpts from the article:

“As awful as the use of that word can be in the wrong hands, I must admit I find it maddening to watch the theatre surrounding the ‘execution’ of Paula Deen — a TV chef — for admitting that, at some point in her past, she used the n-word. She is being banished from ‘proper society’ because the ‘good people’ — those who congratulate themselves on being ‘post-race’- find her very presence, abhorrent.”



“On my block in Brooklyn, as I endlessly listen to the n-word bantered about, I can glance over at a local grade school where less than half the African American children read at grade level. With little trouble, I can also spot two police officers on the beat who are part of a force that wages an aggressively disrespectful war on young men of color – stopping, frisking and humiliating them with obscene frequency. And with little effort, I can spy any number of street corners where drug lords offer the most available entry level jobs to the immoral numbers of unemployed, young people of color.”

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