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Real Shit

Its very interesting to put my own situation in perspective. People in the hood know so many different people who do trully morally obscene things when in hard times. Men who perform theft on others, robbing stores, finding women – even children to prostitute, assaulting and even sometimes killing another to see their ends are met. Woman who become strippers, find guys whom they call “sugar dadddies” whom they have a relationship where they will sleep with the man as long as he is giving her a certain amount. Many women even formally prostitute themselves.
Not too mention credit card theft. Stealing social security numbers, stealing cars. Using others just to get by with no particular care for them.

And as a result of many of these actions they are charged with jail time, going in and out of prison.

I chose, instead of taking those routes, to subject myself to homelessness, or staying in a shelter more specifically. And yes I face daily embarresment and bouts of low self esteem; but I do not throw these burdens onto others in morally incorrect ways.

On the other end of the spectrum you have people who are in simulations of similar experiences and yet are still fortunate enough to be resting on their parents financial ambilical cord. That they can wean off at their own paced will, or fall dow

And yet I am the one people question on my decision making skills? On the soundness of my ability to reason? Not others who perform the said acts? And even brag about it in songs? I’ve overstood that I could be living much better if I took up a hustle; but in principal chose not to. Are you the same way?  #realshit


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