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The Four Dimensions of Wellness

The first dimension of wellness includes all aspects of your physical health—your cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system, and all the rest. To have wellness in the first dimension, all of these physiological systems must be working together in an efficient, natural way.

The second dimension of wellness is your mental well-being. This dimension includes your beliefs, emotional health, outlook on the world, self-image, and much more.

The third dimension of wellness is your social well-being. This includes your social relationships with family, friends, and others. These relationships are extremely important because being connected to people who care for you and whom you care for promotes happiness and health.

The fourth dimension of wellness is your spiritual well-being. By “spiritual,” I don’t mean religion. I mean your sense of being connected to something much larger than yourself. For some people this is God. For others, it is nature, universal love, justice, or something else. This sense of being connected to something larger gives great meaning to many people’s lives. In this way, it promotes health, happiness, and fulfillment.

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