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Abandoned dog spotted on Google Maps is rescued and fostered



An abandoned dog has been rescued after a woman spotted the pooch on Google Maps Street View.

Jennifer Velasquez contacted the Los Angeles-based group Hope For Paws and told them where she had seen the dog.

Luckily the lost-looking canine had not moved from outside the abandoned building – where Hope For Paws’ employee Eldad Hagar found her.

Filming the entire rescue effort, Mr Hagar said that the dog, who he named Sonya, was shy and hiding under a truck when he approached.

But she was happy to eat up the bits of cheeseburger he fed her.

After a while she came out from underneath the truck and over to the parking lot where he eventually got her on a leash.

It wasn’t long until Sonya was nuzzling up to his side and opening up to her rescuer. He took her to a groomer who shaved off her mangled fur…

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