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Harvey Lenin: Bringing us low-brow, sensational, yellow journalism since 2005

Harvey Lenin, creator and owner of TMZ is by far one person who I would never want anything to do with. Recently I have been seeing different clips online of rappers being harassed (literally) by Paparazzi, in particular Rick Ross and Kanye West. I have only recently found out that the culprits of both events was employees of TMZ, which seems to basically be an online gossip site where stories more-so humiliating to the celebrities they stalk or detrimental to their lives or careers are accented more than stories of truth or topics of character and integrity. I was very embarrassed as an American to see that we could produce someone as shallow as him in our country.

Some words to describe him and the organization that he started:

– “Scum of the earth”

– “Leech”

– “Exploiter”

– “Small Minded”

To be clear: I don’t particular enjoy and like Rick Ross nor Kanye West, both who coincidentally are both producers-turned rappers-turned celebrities, but my sentiments towards them and how I feel that some of what they are doing is detrimental to the image of black image and giving bad example to our youth does not make me at all feel pleased that it is right for a group of people to flash pictures in their face all day and ask them question-after-question-after-question (how the hell is this even legal???) despite them directly and indirectly saying over and over again that they do not wish to engage with them.

Rick Ross cleverly starting teasing the and mocking both the harasser who was pestering him with questions and Harvey Lenin himself, calling Harvey Lenin “Clevis” and ridiculing their status overall. This appears to be a man who is on a similar venture as these people who work for TMZ, (in that he appears to put money of everything and individualistic success whether through strong-arming or harming a community including his own or otherwise) therefore I feel he was able to jest with the leeches more because he already saw their angle and understood their game.

Kanye West on the other hand has on numerous occasions made it very clear that there harassment is causing him and his family great emotional distress and that he feels uncomfortable with how they are approaching him. Through the interview over the years I’ve seen with him and music I’ve heard him produce, he appears to be much more true to himself and to the art that he is creating and therefore seems to take it very personally when people act in a disrespectful manner towards him. Indeed he seems in no way interested in acting in public or in private some of the ways that Rick Ross, Jay-Z or even Lil’ Wayne does and therefore I believe is just being victimized primarily. In fact they (the paparazzi for TMZ) seemed to be waiting right outside of the garage of his house just recently at 4 in the morning and was stabbing him with constant question about his very current feud with Jimmy Kimmel. You could hear and see how strongly them and even all the previous paparazzi scum were having a detrimental affect on them. I feel very sorry for Kanye West, Kim Kardasian and their new born child and I pray that they can find peace of mind through it all and can overcome this reoccurring circumstance. Neither Kanye nor Kim see to be ones to spread negativity, hate or gossip in their fame nor in their nature. Unfortunately it is often the one’s who fall “between-the-cracks” so to speak, that can endure the worst consequences to challenges. Just like, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus and many others who have been eaten alive by the Papparzi, I feel that it is their who have strong emotions and weaker senses of their identity who can be bullied by people like Papparazi.

An article seems to state that Kanye West might be pressing charges on one of the men for invasion of private property, which I believe is a great decision, but still our government really needs to make stronger laws against these leeches to where they are putting their money and freedom (time out of jail) on the line every time the heartless do what they do – at least that should be able to even up the playing field to some degree.

Indeed TMZ, and all that it stands for, is in diametric opposition to everything  I and my site is seeking to achieve. Especially in relation to my statement made in the About section of my blog a year or so ago from now, stating: In a word: “This is a place where judgement, sensationalism and insincerity are not welcomed. “

And for whatever reason these laws weren’t made, or aren’t made anytime soon then there is a possible solution that might be equally as effective. Towards the end of the harassment Kanye West has imposed on him by the paparazzi he said: “How would you like it if I came to your house at 4 in the morning asking you questions?” Which, of course they didn’t respond to. But it was a very valid question. As they say, only when you bully a bully is when they stop. And therefore I very much encourage him and all other celebrities to consider hiring people to do just that to these leeches. At the same time though, you can’t kill the messenger (or bill collector, or what have you) but instead should address those who sent them. In this case being Harvey Lenin, the man himself, employing these individuals to sabotage the personal lives of other people. They should harass all of the CEO’s and owners of these pathetic sites and newspapers, as they could just hire new employees to replace the old one’s who quit for whatever reason. But not only for that reason, but also because with their being relatively so few CEO’s for every mass group of paparazzi, the celebrities would be able to really focus their energy in more effective ways on people.


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