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Health care is no longer a privilege in America, but a right for all citizens and eventually, for everyone regardless of their citizenship.” – James Johnson, Jr., Alpha Phi Alpha Chapter President.

Today marks the opening of Covered California™, California’s marketplace for health care coverage. The promise of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is finally being realized as people can begin to enroll in health insurance with a new set of rules that increase accessibility and affordability. We should all be knowledgeable and able to speak intelligently on ACA – which is arguably the greatest achievement of Barack Obama’s presidency.

For those who receive insurance through school, employment, or Medicaid(MediCal) or Medicare already, this will change your healthcare very little if at all. For the millions of people who do not have any type of coverage: MediCal has been expanded in California; people cannot be denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions; there is a huge focus on primary prevention instead of treatment; and there are many more benefits.

For those without healthcare, having insurance is now like having car insurance, it is not optional. Technically there are some exceptions but for most people you will need to have insurance or you will pay a fine of no less than $95/adult in 2014, and that fine increases several hundred dollars over the years.

Encourage community members to visit https://www.coveredca.com/ where they can now shop for health insurance and compare plans in the same way they might compare the cost of airplane flights online.

For the National Website go to Healthcare.gov

Happy Shopping!


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