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Song of the Day: George Winston – Some Children See Him

Very calm, basic sounding sounding piano right hand intro playing off its on ideas. At 0:58 the left hand arpegiatiates in what mainly sounds like major intervals in the upper register as well… then at 1:37 George splashes his magic transposing the tonic (E flat) down a few octaves, bringing the listeners ears to life. Like watching 15 red cars pass by back to back: Ford, Honda, Toyota, Saturn… then a Ferrari being the 16th car driving just as paced as the rest. Suddenly the person pays more attention to the cars passing, even as the following cars go back to being mundane.  The mind goes back to a more dullened state as you think you must’ve just been mistaken. At 1:48 the right hand throws in simultaneously interval patterns briefly, restimulating the senses once again., but only for 2 1/2 seconds, before returning.

Then oddly at 2:04 the song starts retarding into a standard  subdominant to mediant 4-3 resolution as if the song is about to close with simplicity… then as the mind has resolved  to completely relax,  2:08 4 Ferraris pass by one by one. Suddenly you look up into the sky and relax the its darkening, as you look back at the cars you see that all of them, the Ford, the Honda, the Saturn, even the Ferrari are changing colors with the dimming of the sun. And suddenly you become amazed with the entire sight. Understanding, now, that this is something you should’ve been watching closely all along… and fully appreciating.

As the Song resolves by to Section B (0:58) then finally A (intro), you realize that the song wasn’t one of mundane, but of serene tranquility…

Sorry Dr. Rodriguez for stealing this c.d. from you back in High School, but I promise you I put it to good use…. 😉


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