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Kendrick Lamar Refuses to Attend GQ Men of the Year Event over Insulting Magazine Feature with Racist Overtones

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– GQ Magazine naming a rapper “Rapper of the Year” is just about as credible as VOGUE magazine covering Grits and Pork Chop recipes, in our opinion.

– The mistake MANY of these magazines, who have previously avoided urban culture, make is failing to COMPLETELY alter the perception by HIRING A NEW STAFF or DIVERSIFYING the current staff.

– The magazine dressed Lamar up and put him on the cover then insulted him as well as all of hip hop culture with a reporter for the magazine saying he was surprised at how “disciplined” Lamar and his team are, as if Lamar needed a leash while being photographed. He made an even greater insult by saying… “Kendrick doesn’t smoke weed or drink booze. In the time I spent with him, I never witnessed anyone roll even the thinnest spider leg of a jay (joint), nor did I see Kendrick so much as glance at the many, many girls around him.”  The reporter was trying to sound like he had his ear to the street instead of his foot in his mouth.

– As a result, Lamar refused to attend the GQ Men of the Year party and pick up his top rapper honor last week.

For full article click here

GQ Article

GQ Editor


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