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Best Selling Christmas Albums of All Time!

Christmas Classics

  1. Elvis Presley: Elvis’ Christmas Album (1957) (Diamond)
  2. Kenny G: Miracles: The Holiday Album (1994) (8x Platinum)
  3. Various Artists: Now That’s What I Call Christmas! (2001) (6x Platinum)
  4. Mannheim Steamroller: A Fresh Aire Christmas (1988) (6x Platinum)
  5. Mannheim Steamroller: Mannheim Steamroller Christmas (1984) (6x Platinum)
  6. Nat King Cole: The Christmas Song (1960) (Highest for blacks) (6x Platinum)
  7. Josh Groban: Noel (2007) (5x Platinum)
  8. Celine Dion: These Are Special Times (1998) (5x Platinum)
  9. Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas (1994) (5x Platinum)
  10. Barbra Streisand: A Merry Christmas (1994) (5x Platinum)
  11. Johnny Mathis: Merry Christmas (1958) (5x Platinum)

* Another album by Kenny G: Faith a Holiday Album (1999) (3x Platinum)

* 3 more Elvis Presley’s albums went 3x Platinum respectively

* Mannheim Steamroller had another question album: Christmas Extraordinaire which went 3x Platinum as well

This would total to have Elvis Presley still as the highest selling Christmas artist at a little shy of 2x Diamond – or 20 million albums sold!

Mannheim Steamroller would move up as second highest selling with 15 million albums sold collectively (Diamond + 5x Platinum)!

And Kenny G In 3rd with 12 million!

* By the way, these are some amazing albums I grew up listening to (actually not knowing that they were Christmas albums) that had a major positive impact on my life and I’d highly encourage everyone to check them out!

–  George Winston: December (1982) (3x Platinum)

–  Boys II Men: Christmas interpretations (1993) (2x Platinum)

Peace and Merry Christmas to All… 


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