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Man Up – preview of “The Mask You Live In”


I respect where this documentary is coming from. Greatly respect it. Yet I feel we need to look at the roots of the situation before the symptons, or the problem will regrow. And a “roots” perspective will give the discussion the complexity that it needs. I’m sure all throughout history men have been trained to embrace emotions differently then women – yes this can lead to suicidal thoughts and feeling inferior. Still it is partially this training that cultivated the tremendous will power of people like Gandhi, Moses, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and even Beethoven and Jay-Z.

In other words: we need to look at the full scope of why men are developed this way, before pushing to shun it more, and it would be even stronger to compare how men in other countries are raised compared to how American males are.

Anyways….. great topic starter, I look forward to checking out this documentary!


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