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Heroes in Post-Racial America

M.B. Watson

Michael B. Jordan recently cast as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

If you’re saying “Come on now, Marques. America is not post-racial!” Well, you’re right, of course. America is not post-racial and Michael B. Jordan’s latest acting gig is another not-so-subtle reminder that no matter how much we try to ignore or avoid race, sometimes that guy is just too black for our liking. In this case, it’s the Fruitvale Station actors upcoming role as Johnny Storm of The Fantastic Four that has some Americans in a racial tizzy. This has come to be expected as of late, especially after the casting of Amandla Stenberg as Rue in The Hunger Games and the hate storm that it spawned. Well, if this is something to be expected, why am I even writing about it? Because these reactions are a perfect segue to open a dialogue about a much more prevalent and important…

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