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You Gon’ Learn Today


Let’s talk about the black man or how they pretend us to be nigga,

We’re hung on the wall; with all the world’s problems pinned up against us,

From many whites who unconsciously had racist thoughts because of past centuries –

But I see no excuse for my sistas,

Just cause black man was the first man, doesn’t make us similar to gorillas,

That would mean man came from primitive,

But let’s talk about the Abrahamic Religions,

Adam was deceived by Eve, which then made us all sinners,

That gives the contradictory argument and says we were pure in the beginnin,

Which one is it?

That’s your problem, you confuse facts with wisdom,

To develop self-justified hateful beliefs, like the use of eugenics,

Blatantly common place in the United States until the 1960’s, and then its presence became mystery,

Learn your history, things aren’t always as they appear to be nigga,

You destroy the black male soul with no sympathy nigga,

Leave us to fend for our own, live life in misery nigga,

Your brain processes information, but has short selective memory niggas,

Menace II Society is much less violent than the Godfather Trilogy nigga,

With 4 times the whites, than blacks, and the motives worked differently nigga,

This is food for thought; I hope you haven’t had dinner yet nigga,

They make movies like that and Mobsters, and yet black men we’re still considered the threat,

Man I haven’t even begun to bring up all contradictions yet,

Come take a ride with me, but I can only take you so far,

Before I have to go back to being a black man and you again drive your own fuckin car

Drugs are used at the same rate, within all ethnicities niggas,

But still the black male is imprisoned disproportionately my nigga,

Higher monitored, stopped and frisked, and longer sentencing nigga,

And I’m sorry, but black ghettos aint where all the pimpin be niggas,

That’s small change, Jay-Z couldn’t begin to explain “Big Pimpin” my nigga

I’m talking about white dudes in the porn industry nigga,

With porn being one of the highest things watched in history nigga,

It’s the same thing, though your brain chooses to filter it nigga,

Some rich whites are like small children, do crimes but are more often forgivin,

Underground sex rings, with illegal foreigners, sex rings with children,

Frequented by lawyers, principals, politicians,

Sex trafficking the biggest business,

Sell more girls than Lord’s of War sell ammunition,

But you look at the Mack, with Goldie and Richard,

And say – with blinders on: “If only we could get rid them”

Some black women can be the worst, nowadays though, how they be sayin shit,

Could help a nigga out, and tear down the false statements,

Instead you too often use it as an anthem, in popular songs and shit,

“The black father’s gone!” you said,

“Black men are dogs,” you said,

“Therefore raise up, the black daughters, so they are strong” you said

“They may ‘appear’ as men, but mentally they have not grown” you said.

Knowing damn well one day a deeper look would prove you wrong,

Now I’m not with the fallacy that there’s talents for certain races,

But it’s the constant unspoken argument, unspoken argument presented, let’s face it,

So let’s give these beliefs a re-examinaton,

Belief one:

“Black fathers are gone”, is strongly false, seeing how they’re more present in homes than other ethnicities in most cases,

Belief two:

“Black men are dogs” Really only black men are?

That just sounds stupid to me,

I’ll just use colloquial references as refuting means,

When black dudes sleep with a girl that is drawn to act naughty –

It’s called a gangbang, For whites it’s a frat party,

The perception lies in only how it’s expressed when the actions done,

Other than that, the difference is none,

Rock stars have groupies, rap stars have groupies,

And there’s just as much sex going on in the projects as there is when you’re a student,

Maybe for students there’s even more,

Because a lot of it happens in free time,

And the poor don’t have time to be bored,

Besides high sex drives in male youth is a universal norm,

Birthed in puberty, like periods just a different form,

So yes, as your bodies eggs are driving you to interact with semen,

Are hormones are telling us to go inside for the same reason

The Victorian era thinkers might find this conversation squeamish,

But it’s not doctrine, just a description of endocrines,

And if you dislike how men were designed then that is fine,

But when you say black men are an exaggerated kind that’s where I draw the line,

Just a reflection of how you’re blind, a deceptive paradigm,

Perpetuated online, in the theaters, then back in your mind.

So let’s quit with this hectic, battle of the sexes,

And if your gonna bash one group than make sure everyone can equally here both perspectives,

And that goes to everyone of different complexions,

I’m fuckin tired of seeing poems, songs and movies saying black men aint shit,

A struggle getting through and everyday I battle it,

Do the knowledge so we don’t always have to be our own advocates,

Or, just let it exist, and accept your own karma,

Have us fuck around and create another musical genre,

Which in its art form for many seems hard not to follow,

Though it’s only an expression of how our lives fills always haunted

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