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Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club (2014)

Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry are you guys intentionally leaving out the perspective or narrative of the males in your movies? What the fuck?? Yes I know women is a trend is in and very lucrative.

I also believe that making movies that shed light on the struggles that women go through, especially women of color that often aren’t highlighted in the news or movies is extremely important and honorable.

But c’mon man, what the fuck is all this? I have yet to see a trailer truly going over a narrative of the black male experience in modern day. Fruitvale Station, Best Man maybe? But come on, at a certain point you have to wonder if you are exploiting men for the profit of certain movie themes?

Again, continue to make movies that represent women, but make a couple for the fellas too.

How bout this: for every 10 movies you make for women (from their narrative), make 1 for men (from our narrative). Fair enough? ‪#‎smh‬

That why niggas have to keep speaking through rap.



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