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Kid Cudi Interview On Arsenio

Very Interesting. I haven’t much too much of his music so I can’t really speak on it though. But I dig the style of the few I have heard.


I would say though, I agree with his argument about how an over focus on materialism is becoming extremely detrimental for hip hop as a form of music and even the black community as a whole. I would importantly point out though, that this does seem to be related to the macro trend in our society of being obsessed over money, with the disparity gap increasing, middle class depleting, there seems to be a race to the top in our country expressed in a view ways as listed below. And there are many people (who are white) that are very dissapointed with this obsession over materialism as well. Who knows? There might silently be a new social movement emerging (hopefully).

Therefore, I think it’s counterproductive to express it as if it’s particularly a black or hip hop product. Still mad respect to homey.

Also let it be noted that the rock, folk and funk artists of the 60’s largely where also a reflection of the cultural sentiment at the time. In other words, I think it is incorrect to suggest that there are less George Clintons, Earth Wind & Fires, Bob Dylans and Led Zepplins. Instead: the materialist of that day went popular to listen to, and maybe even many materialist tried to come across as hippies, just like today many hippy-types might try to come across as materialistic.


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