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Song of the Day: Ulrich Schnauss – Monday Paracetamol

7 or so years ago (I wanna say) this is THE first Ulrich Schnauss I ever heard. And though 4 years after I still didn’t know how to pronounce his name proper, and still was VERY pronounced in my life all the way through. From learning about shoegazing music and wondering: what the hell kind of music is this??? Learning about Electronica and falling in love withuch of its artists, it becoming my dominant and most relatable form of music to listen. Being a spiritual expression and de-stresser it also had a somewhat constant hip hop feel to it, and a very subtly sad gothic-like feel to it. And best of all 90% of it seems to have no lyrics to it! Which can also cause for a greater since of peace in myself quite often when enjoying it.

I consider this song the birth child of the gothic and hip hop songs.

It exists as rap music if there wasn’t so much oppression and impossible obstacles. An alternate reality, if you will, of modern masculine expression in an environment that’s free to roam naturally.

It also exists as the parents of those during the gothic era who made massive amounts of songs about misery and isolation. This is the response to those songs, that consoles them, and allows for them to experience happiness through comfort of loving support.

And finally it is an expression of the ever-so fragile, ever so innocent child within ourselves. That lived in perfection at some point, until life’s waves casted us in our destinies course. Still, this is a song, and indeed genre of music which allows for us to  go back there whenever we need to, for as long as we would like. At least it allows for me to go back into my inner child, nd just rest…consciously sleep… look up in the sky at the clouds slowly passing along and wondering what the future has in store for me… how great of a person I am going to become, how much I am absolutely in love with life itself.


One comment on “Song of the Day: Ulrich Schnauss – Monday Paracetamol

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