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Picture of the Day: – Jamie Foxx and Denzel Washington, 2 Male African American Living Legends


Radiohead – Polyethylene [ Parts 1 & 2 ]

Song of the Day: The Doors – Spanish Caravan

This past week in being Black…Affirmative Action, Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling (Video)

Here goes a recap of 3 major game changing events, all in the past 7 days. You just can’t make this kind of shit up. But still, is it bad for me to think this is an amazing place for blacks to be? What has often been the catalyst in major political advancements for us? […]

Song of the Day – Deftones – Smile

Pretty hurts or Real women have curves? Which is more challenging?

For quite some time now there has been a counter-cultural feminist movement that I will call ‘Real Women Have Curves”. Basically the argument that stands is that media falsely displays women in an idealistic even sometimes completely unrealistic manner. It continues to remind that their are big women and skinny women. Tall women and skinny women. […]