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Kirsten Dunst Says To Make Relationships Work, ‘A Woman Needs To Be A Woman’



This is the second article about something like this in the past two weeks. The past women who touched on a similar topic was Susan Patton, author of “Merry Smart” a very controversial book in our society. In some of her many interviews one of her positions were that ‘women who desire more “traditional” roles are often shunned by other women and call backwards, or stupid for making these sorts of comments, and therefore decisions in their lives.” In the Huffington Post’s article discussing  Dunst’s comments, they referenced that one person felt her position was “kind of dumb”.


Is their a stigma towards women who prefer traditional feminine qualities, or family roles? Do women judge other women who prefer traditional lifestyles? Or if a women chooses to live such a life, is she viewed the same as a women who chooses to be a business person?



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