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This past week in being Black…Affirmative Action, Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling (Video)

Here goes a recap of 3 major game changing events, all in the past 7 days. You just can’t make this kind of shit up.

But still, is it bad for me to think this is an amazing place for blacks to be? What has often been the catalyst in major political advancements for us? Media attention. 1865- 1963 mass numbers of extreme racism being acted out all over the country. But after the brutality started being displayed on TV, it was a great catalyst for the Civil Rights Laws being called.  Endless cases of police brutality occurring in our country. But not only until Oscar Grant was shot, did blacks actually have a penetrating voice.

As Stephen A. Smith said: ‘This event happening finally provided cold evidence that what we’ve been saying has been true all along. That black people are not liked very much by many parts of society and many whites prefer that we remain in more subordinate positions.’





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