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I recently decided to check out the Cosmopolitan, women’s page. This is one of the first articles I’ve read on Cosmopolitan

Here’s a Video of 5 Women Seeing Their Vaginas for the Very First Time

Replying to a Craigslist advert with a title like, “HAVE U NEVER SEEN UR VAG BEFORE? I’M LOOKING 4 U!!” would not normally be considered a sensible life choice. But in this instance, it’s for a viral video cause, so there you go. A vaginal viral video cause, actually!

Via that Craigslist casting call, YouTube star Davey Wavey found five women who’d apparently never seen their vaginas before; their reasons why ranged from a douchebag ex-boyfriend telling them it was ugly (dick move, bro) to the fact that “my stomach is covering it, and I don’t have eyes on the bottom of my stomach.” One also wanted to be a nun! Wavey then persuaded the ladies to take a look, on camera. The video is totally SFW, though — he set up a classy little silk-curtained vagina booth to preserve their modesty as they explored with a hand mirror, and filmed their reactions from the neck up. Watch along and see what they found.

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