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President’s Cold Message for America’s Dads on Father’s Day

I’d like to start this saying Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers out there. Keep working hard.


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I find it unfortunate that President Obama’s positions on fathers each Father’s day is like this. Especially on Black fathers.

How is this supportive? Inspirational? Motivational? In a society that seems to constantly write off men as almost “inherently” inept for societal roles, the President piling on in this regard doesn’t seem helpful at all.

Middle Eastern and African fathers are “oppressive and patriarchal”; Asian fathers are “distant and ultra-conservative” Western and American father’s are “disengaged and inactive”.

I have reached such a point in my life (and I would suspect many other men have as well) where I truly feel that I’m almost being set up to fail if and when I one day reach fatherhood.





I acknowledge that the American family is very dysfunctional nowadays, but to shame one party excessively is not productive. Below is also a Mother’s day public address from an earlier time by the President.

After watching this, as a teenage girl or young women, do you not expect your destiny to be an amazing mother? And this is not a bad thing, but as I point out every year around this time, why in the world would you pick the day given to honor the good Fathers out their for there selfless roles, and choose that time each year to condemn the ones that are not performing up to par? I would shudder if  I were a struggling dad, especially a single dad taking care of my kids day in and out, just to hear a 3 minute clip from our President on Father’s day completely disregarding the efforts.

Why is this significant?? Well, there is no higher day of honor for Father’s than this day. So if they can not receive praise on this day, then what day would they exactly? Moreover, how would our society, or mother’s in particular feel if each Mother’s day he spoke of all of the degenerate ones? smh


I recently graduated from College and was congratulated for it by some family members of mine through text. Half of them decided to spend the first half of the sentence congratulating me, and the other half scolding me. Only to me responding to the scolding and hearing no response. I have come to understand a deeper importance of on one’s societally acceptable day of praise not perverting the day. I pray I do not provide such a source for another.





Happy Father’s Day to All…


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