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The Well-Rounded American


I honor the starving and famished, by not worshiping my own potential for gluttony,

But honor myself in by eating everything with joy every day I am able,

I honor those forced to walk unspeakable miles to go to find water by not being too prideful for bus or bike,

But honor myself in gladly embracing having a car,

I honor those isolated in prisons or dorm rooms, or just in general, by loving and praying for the ones in my life,

Yet I honor myself by keeping a healthy distance from those who are neglectful or abusive

I honor the poor who work unimaginable hours in unimaginable conditions for pennies, by not being consumed by the need to be a millionaire, or have financial expenses define me as a person,

And yet I embrace the possibility of receiving much wealth, and am open to enjoying the benefits and luxuries of being in such a position

I love my ability to remain strong under pressure, and yet admire those strong enough to become weak when they have reached their pressure point

I love my people and have much pride in all of our historical and current accomplishments, and yet not enough to believe another culture to be defective or not embrace other peoples’ great accomplishments

I watch cartoons to nurture the child-like qualities about me, but I study political discussions to clarify my empathies for others

I speak with confidence because I believe in my own words and facts I have gathered, but I speak rarely because I understand that there is much about the world I don’t know

I remember my past, take advantage of the present and constantly dream for the future

I am healing from scratches, and embracing the scars

I am chiseling myself inside and out daily like a sculptor,

I am going around the perimeters of the square of my belief system,

I am erasing the sketch marks

I am working towards being: A Well-Rounded American.

(poem I wrote)


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