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State of California

Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State Speech


Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newton:


– Commends legislatures for getting our “fiscal house” back in order, reforms in gun safety, clean energy, immigrants rights, civil rights (transgender rights), pushing for a higher minimum wage

– Quotes (I believe) JFK in saying we have to maintain a “courage in our convictions” by not just stopping with us making drastic improvements in imminent problems, but instead using this as an opportunity to start dealing with long term problems

– States the most profound challenge that we face as a state and country is the merging of IT and globalization. It’s changing every job, industry, market and government.

i. Significantly contributing to stagnant wages and lethargic job creation

ii. Makes reference to a one Tom Friedman quoting him to say

Just imagine, 7 years ago: Facebook didn’t even exist, Twitter 7 years ago was a sound. The cloud was in the sky, 4G was a parking space, Linked In a prison, Big Data was a rap star, apps where things you filled out to get into college and Skype for most of us was a typo.

None of those things existed and now they are ubiquitous in our lives. The rate in change in this world is unimaginable, compared to where it was just a few years ago. We’re going from something old to something completely new. The “tech genie” is out of the bottle.


Governor Jerry Brown:


I. Mentions key achievements since he was elected into office:

“What a comeback it is”

i. 1 Million new jobs since 2010

ii. A budgetary surplus in the billions (“But don’t spend it! That’s the point.)

iii. Minimum Wage rising to $10 an hour

II. Praises the passing of:

i. Proposition 25 (2010)

ii. Proposition 30 (2012)

III. Points out the still occurring challenges

“Our long-time liabilities are enormous and ever growing”

i. Well over 100 Billion Dollars owed in pensions to our state workers, teachers and judges

ii. 60 Billion is needed to cover retiree healthcare

iii. 65 Billion is needed to maintain and keep our roads, buildings and infrastructure in proper repair

IV. Must maintain the acknowledgement of externalities

i. . Quotes Joseph of the Old Testament speaking to the Pharaoh saying: ‘Put away your surplus, during the years of great plenty, so you’ll be ready for the lean years that are sure to follow.’

ii. Quotes George Santayana: “Those who aren’t able to remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

iii. Playfully brings out playing cards that reiterate all of these concerns

iv. Need a solid “Rainy Day Fund” but he says it is too limiting and prevents significant things

V. School

i. Local control funding formal: has laws that explicitly recognize the difficult problems faced by low-income families, and those who are ESL “As a result, those who have less will receive more. And that’s good for all of us.”

ii. Made changes so that there shouldn’t be state made standards, instead local district standards

VI. Public Safety

i. Transferred significant responsibility to local authorities. Ordered a massive reduction of the number of prisoners we have and dramatic improvements in the medical and mental health programs that the states make available

VII. Final Thoughts

i. Ultimately any true changes can only be made by local representatives or the people themselves

ii. “They deal not with the abstractions of the law, but with flesh and blood realities of the day by day realities.” This is a lesson he learned while being Oakland’s Mayor in the past

iii. Convened an interstate task force and considered the drought a State of Emergency. Residents need to regulate their water usage more. Prepare also for forest fires.


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