Basics Regarding the new American Dream Movement


The 5 Point Platform consists of having: Healthy Beliefs, a Healthy Education, Healthy Body, Healthy Social Relationships and last but definitely not least, just as in the movie 5th element: love.

5 Point Platform

1. Healthy Beliefs: An equal or balanced respect of oneself and of others, finding different ways of managing stress, including but not limited to: meditation, maintaining a healthy body, social relationships and love. Medicine including but not limited to cannibus and wine in moderation, a paced dualistic identity formation and synthesis

2. Healthy Education: Knowledge of one’s ethnic history, knowledge of how to best survive in dominant group’s system of market trade and education, general understanding of dominant groups’ histories, knowledge of the primary minority groups in the given environment that you interact with, knowledge of general current events, knowledge of minority groups current events and Financial Management

3. Healthy Body:  Regular Exercise, Eating and Knowledge of Healthy Foods, Healthy Sleeping, Full Breathing and Relaxation Exercises as needed (such as yoga) , Openness and Knowledge of Alternative Healthy Medicines and forms of counseling for ails and grieving. It should also be noted that stress is a very big problem in America today, and with the American lifestyle we should be cautious of neglecting.

4. Healthy Social Relationships: Human Needs Fulfilled in Oneself and Pursued in Others, Maintaining a healthy, loving and balanced community. This can best be represented in modern time by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Understand that they have a large


5. Love:  Willingly doing step four. Doing it for yourself and for others.

In a word: This is a place where judgement, sensationalism and insincerity are not welcomed.

But for those who are open minded, and desire to learn different cultural ways to help key areas all humans deal with, then you have came to the right place.

The American Dream movement also acknowledges that the division of peoples by “color” or race, instead of nationality and ethnicity has lead most peoples of all backgrounds into misery and pain because of the confusion of the unnatural categorization maintained which originated to make some people feel inferior and other’s superior. Though everyone has grown to love and identify with their “race”, this movement asserts that, in fact, racial division only slows down the progress of the developed American society and perpetuates separation and stereotypes. Therefore, this movement asserts that we are not black, white, brown or any other color that can be found in a box of crayons. Instead we are all Americans and choose to identity ourselves as only that; not only for our own peoples, but also for other groups who have suffered from this form of labeling. Not being naive, there are often clear disadvantages in any given society relative to the dominant power  (i.e. America: Blacks, Mexicans, Native Americans), China (Tibetans), India (the Shudras) etc… As well as Christians in Muslim theocracies, and homosexuals in practically all societies – to name a few examples. As such, the “Dream” of  disavowing differences within a society including but not limited to one’s ethnic background can only be actualized in the theorotical state of a society in which divisions does not equate to disadvantages.

God Bless All! 🙂

Peace and Love,
Joseph Johnson

For a more detailed description about the foundations of this movement, click here:


Love all, love yourself.


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  1. While obviously very well motivated, I’m afraid this iteration of your attempts is doomed at the outset by the ambiguity of your “Mission Statement”, in the form of the above list of “5 point platform”. Most organizations are aware of the need to avoid restricting their activities and direction by too tightly defining its aims. However, it is possible as well to err in the opposite direction-Organizations with proposed goals so broad as to be essentially without definition not only invite criticism as unprofessional, but fail to attract supporters due to the fact that vaguely good intentions fail to inspire as a call to action. In short, the “Make A Better World” organization would be unlikely to receive either acknowledgement as a viable effort, or to attract supporters, lacking any specifically delineated cause. Effective movements occasionally grow out of passion, alone, when their actions or leaders have drawn public notice…but to begin from the other way ’round, in attempts to draw that attention without a clear definition of intended efforts, is an approach doomed from the outset.

    • I apologize for the delayed response. I have been swamped with graduate studies. I thank you for your thorough analysis and commentary to be 5 point plan. And in reflecting on what you said, I fully agree with you. The most effective movement/s start from pre-defined goals and directions.

      I must point out, the purpose of presenting these 5 points onto a blog was an attempt to synthesize the whole of my religious, philosophical, political, sociological, biological and cultural values I have learned and present a codified explanation/understanding of them where overlap met the greatest. Though I do agree that appears to come across as general and maybe even vague; there are very critical and intricate, cross-cultural and multidisciplinary reasoning for each point. In fact, my hypothesis was that the universality in the values would be the strongest foundation to encourage whomever to build off of.

      With that being said, I am not quite sure how to move forward on this larger issue of implementing universal goals in specific manners as of yet. Outside of promoting all studies and movements that currently have niches within some of the categories listed 5 points listed.

      What would you do in my situation???

      Peace and Love,

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